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Melatonin 3MG


A Dietary Supplement to Support Mood, Immune System, Sleep and Balanced Circadian Rhythms*


What is Melatonin?

Melatonin is the principle hormone produced and secreted by the brain’s pineal gland and is responsible for maintaining circadian rhythm (the body’s biological clock), regulating the endocrine (hormone) system and supporting the immune system. The level of melatonin produced by the body is heavily influenced by sunlight. At night, the secretion of melatonin is much higher than during the day. When this process is interrupted, certain symptoms can occur such as disruptions in the sleep/wake cycle, headaches, mental and physical fatigue and irritability.

Why is Melatonin Important?
Low levels of melatonin could result in poor sleep patterns, low mood, delayed sleep phase syndrome, insomnia associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, irritability, learning disorders, poor concentration, seasonal affective disorder, menstrual disturbances and headaches.*

Mood Support
Some people experience depression when the low sunlight levels (winter) are not sufficient for their pineal glands to decrease melatonin production to its normal low daytime level. Melatonin supplementation can support mood balance seasonally or in times of low mood.

Immune and Antioxidant Support
Melatonin has strong antioxidant properties and helps strengthen the immune system.* As an antioxidant it is 6 to 10
times more potent than vitamin E and is one of the few antioxidants that can enter the mitochondria to protect it from
free radical damage.

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