Known as "The Miracle Trainer" among New York's elite. Angelo Sorrenti achieves unprecedented results for his highly discerning clientele. His AS I AM program, the Angelo Sorrenti Integral Advanced Manipulation program, is a complete approach to fitness and well-being that literally transforms bodies. The focus is on returning the body to its natural state while sculpting it into perfect form through strength, resistance and cardio training. To heal the body and achieve maximum potential, Sorrenti supplements training with a customized diet and holistic regimen. Together, the program reactivates the body, empties out storages, speeds up the metabolic rate and balances hormonal levels to rejuvenate, renew and restore the body to its finest state; both inside and out. The result is increased power, strength, and agility that manifests as renewed confidence and a superior physique.

In 2002, Sorrenti returned to the United States and began training clients at New York's premier gyms. His success led him to venture out independently as a private trainer in 2005. Today, his client list includes some of the city's most successful and important people, all of whom depend on his elite expertise to achieve incredibly amazing results. The result is a 20 to 100 pound weight loss in 2 to 3 months, a transition to perfect health, and never gaining the weight back.