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New fad diet out, I've tried it. Latest celebrity endorsed diet book, I've read it. Thats my story, the story of the professional dieter. The many diets- from protein shakes and energy bars to frozen food, Weight Watchers, South Beach and Nutrisystems, Ive tried them all. Was I a success? Yes, but the success was always small and short-lived. I lost 10 pounds but I’d eventually gain back twenty. All I really accomplished was to become more depressed and damaged my metabolism.

All my life I have been a very athletic person, but not even two hours of daily aerobic exercise could prevent me from steadily gaining weight: hormonal problems became apparent when I was a teenager, contraceptives, in vitro fertilization and eventually two pregnancies followed by a hysterectomy threw off my fragile endocrine system completely.

I suffered from chronic debilitating migraines that interfered with my ability to drive my children to their activities, partake in social events and enjoy family time. In addition, the effects of two severe car accidents also contributed to a general sense of ill health. Furthermore, in spite of being a health care practitioner myself and knowing the detrimental effects beginning over weight can have, I could not keep from resorting to food as my main psychological comfort. It was a never ending cycle, I was upset about begin over weight so I ate hoping to feel better but I gained more wait and became further depressed.

Over the years I’ve read many articles on this miracle trainer, Angelo Sorrenti, and his “AS I AM program” These articles stuck out in the fact that Angelo not only helped people lose weight but he helped them with their medical aliments as well. So his clients came out overall much healthier then when they started the program. The article stated that Angelo would tailor a program to your needs. Also, the program would worked in weeks and would produce life long effects. Interesting, I thought but then I read of the cost of the individually tailored program. It was out of my budget. The articles deeply resinated with me and I just couldn't put them out of my mind When my weight had reached 245 pounds and I knew I had hit rock bottom. Nothing seemed to work. Out of desperation I reached out to Angelo. Thats the real miracle. Angelo had been working on a less tailored diet that he could use to assist more people and people who lived long distances from him. He made it affordable and easy. After talking to Angelo on the phone it was his emphasis on repairing this regulatory mechanism that convinced me to embark on his manipulation program.

On top of hitting my all time high weight my doctor ran blood work, which revealed hormonal imbalances and a pre-diabetic state ⎯ a particularly scary diagnosis since my father had just developed diabetes. After our phone consultation Angelo had been able to create a precise portrait of me just by asking appropriate questions and gathering pertinent information. Angelo's weekly calls soon made this stranger ⎯ we never met in person ⎯ feel like a friend who helped me overcome my resistance to step on the hated scale every morning. Even though I had chosen November with all its almost irresistible food temptations to begin the program, thanks to Angelo's encouragement I managed to stick to the customized nutritional, easy home exercise, and supplement program.

The rewards followed quickly: not only did the exercise regime help me lose my limp stemming from one of my accident injuries, but I shed 65 pounds over the course of just five weeks ⎯ the best Christmas present ever! Not even on vacation did I break the rules. After eight weeks I had now lost 105 pounds and I'm back to the size I was in college and feel just as energetic as a student at age 48. The scale is no longer my enemy, and for the first time I'm happy to be photographed with my children, knowing they won't be ashamed of their mother. Seven months later I'm living a heathy thin life without the fear of gaining the weight back. I feel as if I gained ten year of youth and people comment on how much younger I look all the time. My joints no longer hurt, I have a ton more energy and no longer have the mood swings. My sugar levels are stable and I no longer feel like I'm on the sugar roller coaster.

Recently, my father under went two major life saving surgeries. Looking back on the way my life was headed I would have been on the same path if I did not change. I realize I could not have made those changes without Angelo’s help. Angelo literally saved my life.